treason the sale of the USA

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    many people produce likely and unlikely theories all the time. If you take all of them and combine them they will add up to a small portion of either of the two main conspiracies we are facing.
    So lets talk about the bigger or at least more dangerous one. The dismantling and treasonist sale of the American industry. this plan has been in motion for about 35 years and is now completed.
    Many of you will remember your parents telling you that you were going to have a better life than them having education and not having to work in a factory.
    This propaganda was to urge you away from industry jobs that would be leaving and encourage you to feel no worries for the people who lost their jobs. Propaganda taught you that they were either lazy over paid union workers or that it was their fault for not having education like you.

    Now the part that doesn't make sense to be ignored by any and all with economics or common sense: Industry built Americas wealth, plain and simple. Around this industry services would develop to service peoples in our supporting these industries: hospitals, schools, civic work departments, stores heck anything you can point at is a result of industry wealth. So by removing these industries and selling them to far away lands would also kill any and all services surrounding those industries.

    Well if you knew buying at walmart or buying a honda meant your hospital and schools would close would you buy it? No not likely so the debt was created. A borrowing of monies never meant to be paid back to support services allowing for the treason of dismantling the American industry to take place.
    You see now there is little industry to take so why would these countries continue to lend monies that they know you have no way of paying back? well they won't
    this is a double pop by those commiting the treason by forcing your elected officials to play ball or else the money stops. Fact is the money will stop whenever they feel they have all of what they came for.

    Americas most likely future will be of starvation and media enduced race war where the white horse is rode into save the day after a few years of poverty that will compare to thrid world nations. you see they will have no reason to ride in until the back is broken and the spirit is gone. then you will embrace these private armies who protect you from the blacks and feed you.
    BY the way sorry black people but these men of power are whites and do you thin that when they become kings that they will be kings over the blacks or saviours from the blacks and kings over the whites.
    the media has been working very hard for years to condition whites to fear blacks and for blacks to blame whites for their problems. That seems like an easy egg to boil during a period of starvation. Just send some local aid to a group of whites that are close to blacks and watch what happens. then use that hype to cause fear and create a reason to remove the blacks with prejudice.

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