Trayvon Mania Highlights Diseased Culture of the Left

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    NationalTrayvon Mania Highlights Diseased Culture of the Left
    March 29, 2012 · By Gina Miller · 9 Comments

    Source: Wikimedia Commons
    The ignorant, irrational mania being stoked by the black race hustlers in the wake of the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin is disgusting.

    Of course the nation is sad that a boy was killed! But, we are also sickened by the malevolent, mob-inciting “leaders” of the black community like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Those men, and others like them in positions of “authority,” like Barack Obama (or whatever his name is), are the most despicable abusers of their prominent positions for using this case to gin up misplaced outrage among people who are not even looking rationally at what apparently happened.

    Why is this story being trotted out at this time? This shooting occurred back on February 26th, but now, suddenly in the past couple of weeks, Trayvon Martin is the poster child for the phantom “white war on blacks.” I suppose that since the Democrats’ phony Republican “war on women” went over like a lead zeppelin they had to find another “cause” to gin up outrage and vicious division between the Left and the Right, the black and the white. Way to go with your sterling gift of unity for the nation, Obama! Oh, but we knew better than that from the start.

    Missing from all the misguided calls for violence and vigilante “justice” for the shooter, George Zimmerman (who is not a so-called “white,” but is Hispanic), are the actual details of that fateful night’s events. The race hustlers whipping the black community up into a senseless frenzy portray Martin as a harmless, unarmed teenager, innocently walking home through a gated community in which he did not live.

    The Orlando Sentinel released details given by police of testimony from both police and eye witnesses that do not indicate that Trayvon Martin was an innocent “victim.” Rather, he reportedly attacked George Zimmerman, breaking his nose and slamming his head repeatedly into the sidewalk, after which Zimmerman shot Martin in self-defense.

    From the Orlando Sentinel story,

    read it all here.
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