Toyota Frees Another! Let Freedom Ring!

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    Following up on things that don't work, a Minnesota judge ordered a new trial in the matter of a fellow who had driven his Toyota into the back of another vehicle, killing three. "That works for me," the prosecutor was not heard to say, but there will be no trial. At the nowhere existing, Abraham Lincoln Center for Crisis Management, mostly the GOP was probably horrified that no new trial would be ordered.

    Toyota Driver Koua Fong Lee Released from Prison; No New Trial for Deadly Crash - Crimesider - CBS News

    Economic analysts and commentators, likely largely Republicans, seem hell-bent on comparing the pace of job creation to the fantasy of a long time ago: In no small order, putting down the rebellion, preserving the union, and finally freeing some of the slaves. Hollywood Press Agents would take their cue, only about fifty years later: It had worked so well. It lasted a long time, and cost a fortunre! Eventually, even a monument would be erected, needing to be scraped clean, every so often: As it were.

    Elsewhere noted, July, 2008, U. S., BLS, Establishment Data had shown U. S. Employment at 137.0 mil. In both July of 2009, and July of 2010, it was finally at 130.0 mil. In the other unemployment survey, BLS Household Survey data are showing an increase of 1.2 mil. employed since December, 2009.

    Effectively, GOP had put the brakes onto the economy in 2008. It finally stopped in 2009. In 2010, it has finally turned around and is heading into the more leftish direction.

    Conservative machinery no doubt led Governor, Bobby, "High Tech" Jindal: To suggest piling rocks opon the beach as the Louisiana-inspired, BP oil spill response. Anyone guesses that Toyoto boats are not seen to work any better than the cars. The GOP knows about "Intelligence" readings, even if they're not in the NIE's.

    The Conservatives had said "No!" to any Total Credit Market sustainability in the matter of the Bush-Cheney-Paulson TARP bail-outs in 2008. Basically, the Total Credit Market didn't need the money. It got it, and stopped. Kept it, and paid some back.

    Again, and seeing how that works: The banks don't need the money, and credit has been slow to unfreeze. Even University of California types (economists), are led to squeal and oink that the "demand" is not there, in great enough incentives: For businesses to expand. No one seems to recall that the banks started cutting up the credit cards, about 18 months ago. There is no demand, where there is no way purchase.

    Again, Goods and Services are pricey in the USA. Where did the "Preservative Stimulus" money go: To the State and Local Government employees and teachers? City of Bell, CA, has the answer big-time to everything that went wrong: Especially when GOP was guiding the economy--kind of like a Japanese auto-manufacturer makes new cars! Rocks on the beach are in fact "high-tech" compared to what that is all about. Mostly: There is no demand since there is no ability to pay for the pricey good and services. The Pricey Goods and Services are encouraged from lop-sided income disparities. Those help make new pricey affordable. It finally turns out that the tax base can't afford to pay state and local, government and teachers in America.

    GOP created a War Materials, Procurements Bubble. The Deficit Procurements helped to foster a housing mortgage bubble that profited banks and General Contractors. The Tax Base Bubble led to an expansion of state and local services and pay rates, even to where not just one faculty member at University of California, was at $250,000.00 per year plus benefits, for 9 months a year. There was a whole small-city-full of them, and by the standards of Tokyo and Greater New York City, level standards. Those faculty actually caused it all, and all the others like them.

    And it computes. They even seem to know this at Toyota. Since it is computing, and therefore an intentional and intended outcome--the hearings are in order again. "What did they know, and When Did They Know it, and When did they admit to it, and What did they do about it, and who got killed or caught up in it?!? Did anyone think to bring a pooper scooper with them?!?

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred."
    ("When I'm Calling You. . . . ." not about Indian Love Call/Song anymore: Between Great Warrior and horsey(?)!)
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