Toxic-Waste: A Case for Forgiveness(?)

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    A major anathema of modern civilization is mishandles toxic-waste, something the EPA has investigated on numerous occasions in the past, such as the Chicago Tribune report of a West Chicago Plant in 1993.

    Industrialization is a hallmark of modernism, and when industrialization-related toxic-waste is mishandled by companies/plants, the EPA is obligated to intercede and admonish on behalf of human civilization!

    We want to feel good about industrialization, and to be able to market consumerism 'jewels' such as Toxic Waste Sour Candy or the film The Toxic Avenger, we have to appreciate the modern value of complete diplomacy.

    So here's an egalitarianism-oriented mock-debate between Shiva (Hinduism's rendition of the king of Greek Gods Zeus) the destroyer and his more 'negotiable/meditating' alter-ego Shiva the comforter (an argument-entreating master) regarding how to manage, treat, cure, and even *forgive* toxic-waste.

    After all, isn't forgiveness divine?

    This is a major issue that the Trump Administration will be compelled to address in this age of consumerism explosion...


    We'll refer to Shiva the destroyer as 'Shivu' and Shiva the comforter as 'Shivi' (for debate purposes!).


    SHIVU: There's nothing 'charming' about toxic-waste, Shivi.
    SHIVI: I agree that's correct, Shivu, but we have to be diplomatic!
    SHIVU: How can you forgive such a terrible vice of industrialization?
    SHIVI: If we don't address this problem diplomatically, it will continue...
    SHIVU: I see what you mean; we have to address the entire 'structure.'
    SHIVI: That's correct; after all, companies/plants can always improve!
    SHIVU: Improvement is great, but we can't let people think toxic-waste is 'forgettable.'
    SHIVI: No! Mishandled toxic-waste is a serious error.
    SHIVU: That's why the Environmental Protection Agency is expected to be objective.
    SHIVI: Right; we want youngsters to watch The Toxic Avenger and think imaginatively.
    SHIVU: When a man commits a crime such as theft and is arrested, we don't just 'forget.'
    SHIVI: True, and if we simply 'forget' mishandled toxic-waste, the errors will repeat!
    SHIVU: So how do you propose we begin to 'forgive' mishandled toxic-waste?
    SHIVI: We manage toxic-waste, we look at production procedures, and we train personnel.
    SHIVU: We have journalists cover the hygienic and commercial value of plants/companies.
    SHIVI: For the public to appreciate industrialization-journalism, we must praise forgiveness!
    SHIVU: I see what you mean; forgiveness promotes continual idealistic evaluation.
    SHIVI: Right; it's no different than treating criminal-insanity!
    SHIVU: Yes, the American comic book anti-heroine Poison Ivy (DC Comics) is a 'totem' here.
    SHIVI: Yes, Poison Ivy is an eco-terrorist who compels us to think about diplomacy.
    SHIVU: She also compels us to think about crime and punishment...
    SHIVI: So we take a 'society avatar' like Poison Ivy to discuss overall governance!
    SHIVU: That sounds reasonable; kids like Poison Ivy and The Toxic Avenger.
    SHIVI: They also like Toxic Waste Sour Candy/Confectionery!
    SHIVU: So we want kids to believe their parents are being psychologically treated.
    SHIVI: Correct; we don't want kids to think that industrialization creates unforgivable vices.
    SHIVU: Alright; so we'll see how the EPA 'comforts' companies managing toxic-waste!
    SHIVI: Precisely; it's easy to simply demolish companies guilty of mishandling toxic-waste.
    SHIVU: To err is human, to forgive divine...
    SHIVI: That's why we want the full measure of ideal journalism regarding industrialization.
    SHIVU: Isn't that a sign of modernism --- the popularity of CNN and BBC?
    SHIVI: Yes, news-media such as the New York Times and Le Monde represent objectivity!
    SHIVU: Perhaps modernism can therefore be tempered with fair governance...
    SHIVI: That's my entire argument!
    SHIVU: As long as mishandled toxic-waste is addressed professionally, news will comfort.
    SHIVI: This is the time for great commercial diplomacy.
    SHIVU: You see then the incredible social value of free-speech then...



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