Todays Rant : Parents and government

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How involved should the government be in the raising of your child?

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  1. spectrumc01

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    Had it up to here, and can't take it any more. You can't have it both ways. The government is either in your childs life or its not. I'm talking about everything from WIC to medicade / medicare to child protective services to the school breakfast / lunch programs to the people who want to do everything "For the children".

    "It takes a village to raise a child", really, what if the village doesn't want to raise the child? There are those out there who don't have children and they have their reasons, but the bottom line is they don't have any, and they damn sure don't want to financially raise someone elses. The government has absolutely no business in the child rearing business.

    It's time for parents to step up and start parenting. You need to start prepareing meals at home instead of letting the public pick up the tab with school meals. If you want your children to learn religion and morality either send them to a private school or teach them yourself, I don't want to pay for politically correct text books about religions and evolution. The police belong on the streets not in the schools, parents start disciplining your children and teaching them about drugs and alcohol yourself. While were at it start teaching them about sex yourself too. Parents, get a job support your child, you had it you raise it. I don't want to fund WIC, I have a hard enough time putting food on my table without government help. While I'm at it, get a good job so you can insure them yourself too, think of how much we would save on the medicade / medicare bill not having to insure every child whose parents can't afford it.

    As for the government, they need to get out of the families way and let them raise their children as they see fit, they had them let them raise them. There is no need for protective services, that is a job for the police. Assault on a child is a crime like any other assault. We can have tougher penalties if we want but we can't afford another bloated government agency that duplicates another agency, let the police do their job. The government needs to stay out of the families doctors offices as well, a parent will decide what kind of medication their child will take if any at all. Some parents have some dumb ass religious views but if they want to sit back and pray while their child dies that is up to them and the first ammendment. All the money the government spends on foster care for others people children is staggering. The money we spend is staggering. Foster care is not the governments job.

    Abortion is not the governments business, it has never been their business. That is between the doctor and the patient and thats all. You me nobody else has a right to be in on that conversation. Let me say however, that if a mother looks at her pregnancy and decides that there is no way she can afford it financially, or the child will be delivered handicapped, or must be supported by the public in any way and she aborts with a clean conscience good for her. If she decides to keep it and make me financially responsible for it...:evil:

    To the government...get out of my families life and let me raise them as I see fit.
    To my nosey neighbor...get out of my families life and let me raise them as I see fit.
    To the parent...start parenting.

    Parenting is hard enough without everyone adding their two cents.

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