Todays observation: Political identity crisis

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    The United States
    The political identity crisis.

    The common voter is neither Republican or Democrat, but instead an independant. We as voters are encouraged to join either side by those who have already joined a political party.

    If we look at the top leadership of both parties what do we find. We find business owners and billionaires who have inherited their wealth or married into it. These business owners and other billionaires have different points of views on how this country should be governed. These two views are often called conservative and liberal, or right and left. The two sides, polar opposites, formed our two party system and then set the rules to virtually ensure no competition to their power struggle. Given the framework of the constitution, which both sides want to modify to reflect their particular view, they can't just usurp power. Which pisses them off.

    Now they must include the wealthy and business owners of the states. So they go to the states and recruit the business owners and millionaires into their parties. They promise all sorts of things, but mostly money for their political campaigns, and personal profit. This all but assures that the common man cannot financially compete against the wealthy of either party. The rules say they can compete, but realistically not happening. So now the political system is set. The wealthy are not completely happy with it because of the constitution but they'll keep working on it.

    The problem now is how to sell this to the great unwashed commonly known as the general public. They must make us feel we actually have a say in what is going on, so they set out to recruit us into their political parties. They send out our neighbors and friends who have been duped into believeing their lies to try and get us to join them. They use abortion issues, gay marraige, gun control, immigration, and an array of other issues that have been blown way out of porportion to disguise what they really want to do. Which is profit in every way possible, and have complete freedom to do anything they want and punish anyone who gets in their way.

    No one likes to be told they are wrong or have made the wrong choice. I was like that, I considered myself a liberal, and a democrat. Over the years I have realized I was wrong, by listening to those who thought themselves conservatives and Republicans. In them I saw my errors reflected back at me. I realized I was duped just as they were into believing these two parties were struggling for a better America. They are not, nor have they ever been. It's all about money and power and how much they can grad and hold onto. They are irritated that they have to deal with us at all, but have a system worked out to minimize our impact on them. They have us believing their lies and drinking their koolaid.

    I refuse to believe. I refuse the koolaid. I believe in my fellow American. I believe in America and the ideals for which we stand. I once took an oath to defend this country from threats foriegn and DOMESTIC. We are faced now with an insideous threat to our existance, and it is domestic. I have seen the enemy and it is us. We have the only weapon we need, the constitution. With that weapon we can put the power back where it truly belongs and that is with the people, with us.

    If you are not wealthy or a politician you do not belong with them. Compared to their wealth and power we are all poor and powerless. We are led to believe we are one of them, a Republican or Democrat. We are not one of them and they know it. Wake up America before it is too late.

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