To vote or not to vote?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by nitroz, Oct 20, 2011.

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    Who would you vote for? Why?

    It's not voting season yet, but who are you leaning towards now?

    In my opinion, I'm not going to vote. The new candidates are fail in my view.
    But if I feel that Obama actually does something to redeem himself or there is proof that he has made effort, then I'd vote for him. Nobody is worth voting for in my opinion unless they can screw alot out of congress and is not afraid to go on an impeaching spree.

    And they need to target officials stateside to impeach.

    I want someone who will make it hell for illegals
    I want someone who will punish California for the dream act
    I want someone who will promote USA made
    I want someone who is not afraid to slaughter terrorists, drug cartels, and pirates.
    I want someone who will give congress nothing but hell and cut ALL of their benefits/pay.

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