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    The Fifth Friday Prayer in Thiqar / Qalat Sikar
    Soldiers , Military Trainers and Security Companies are another faces of Oppressive Occupation 29th -Thi Qi'ada 1432 A.H._28- 10- 2011

    The Holy Friday Prayer was performed in al-Imam Hasan al-Askri Mosque and headed by Sheikh Thamir al-Shuwaili (Allah bless him) on 29 Thi –Qida-- 28-10-2011.

    The preacher referred to the absolute rejection of the American oppressing occupation. The whole prayers shouted chorally:

    No…No Occupation
    No…No Colonalization
    No…No America
    No…No Evil
    No…No Satan

    The preacher consoled the Muslim nation in the Martyrdom anniversary of Imam Jawad (peace be upon him) and how we should take moral lessons from his autobiography. He also referred that Imam Jawad took the responsibility of leadership though he was only seven years old and also referred to his political standpoints which were conveyed to his supporters to struggle the corrupted authority.

    In the second preach , the speaker referred to the ugliness and corruption of occupation which are shown by the current political , security and religious instability and another aspects.

    The prayers stood to assert the denunciation and rejection of occupation and its settlement under whatever title and name such as military trainers or security companies and reject any other agreement which brings harm for Iraq and its people.In this way the prayers showed their standpoint which expresses courage and patriotism whereas others keep silent.They also showed readiness to obey Sayyid al-Sarkhi al-Hasany since he stands for the truthful religious authority that has been rejecting occupation in Iraq, the land of prophets and prophets' successors.

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