TO HELL WITH the AEC, the IAEC and the EPA. Replace them!

Discussion in 'Energy' started by Neubarth, May 19, 2011.

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    TO HELL WITH the AEC, the IAEC and the EPA. Replace them!

    It is most obvious to me that the Nuclear Power Industry controls the agencies that are supposed to exercise oversight over the industry.

    I know that sounds like double talk, but think about it and it will make sense in a few seconds.

    Concerned citizens UNITE!

    Let's make it our goal to replace the AEC and the IAEC. While we are at it let's replace the EPA as well. All of those guys are so totally corrupt as to make the Mafia look honest.

    In California, San Onofre is a disaster just waiting to happen, and nobody from the Agencies has shut it down. Why, because the agencies are corrupt.

    When you see all of the engineering screwups at Cluster Fukushima, it is obvious that the plant should never have been granted a license to operate. No real engineer designed that site. You do not build the Emergency Diesel Generators where they can be douched by a big wave! YOU do not put "fail closed" shut off valves in the lines leading to the smoke stacks that have to have electrical power to open when the major fear of a nuclear disaster is a loss of electrical power (The cause of the disaster at Fukushima.) What engineer designed that system? They have the exact same damn thing at San Onofre in California. I am quite certain that they have problems like that in the rest of the United States as well. Obviously nobody knew what they were doing when they allowed San Onofre to start up, just like nobody knew what they were doing when Fukushima was allowed to start up forty years ago.

    Millions and millions and millions of people have been dying and will die from radioactive contamination in the northern hemisphere because of the nuclear industry. It is NOW time to shut it down.

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