To be or not to be, that is the question?

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    I just talked to my son. He's in a red-state, like myself at the time, and he needs help to run his electrical company. He has tried it the fair way, as he and I see it, and it obviously isn't working out the way he's planned. His aspiration is to provide the services that the populace at large demands and that a company like his own can deliver at an honest and fair price. My guess is that he's not figured out the add-on game yet. But that's another story.

    I was educated in the MBO (Management By Objective) world. I was later indoctrinated into the Win-Win World and even later inundated with the Total Quality theoried hypothesis of business management. In each of these I was repeatedly admonished to adhere to the highest level of ethics.

    I don't doubt for one moment that the efforts of my son have been honest, even admirable. I fault myself for having not sufficiently taught him that the efforts of his competitors are not so honest or admirable.

    The corporate business world of today convinces me that honesty, although a personal virtue, is not a shared value within the corporate environment. Even well meaning peoples that certainly value honesty, integrity and straightforwardness fall victim to dishonesty and lack of integrity not just daily but millions of times each day.

    I'm going to go and help my son. I will insist on the highest levels of honesty and ethical standards. Considering the historical conglomeration of facts as is now presented and the evidense of their success despite the honesty and ethical standards that I hold and was educated to uphold, I suspect that my contribution may be fruitless. But, I am going anyway. my belief in the American Way as I think it to be, shall prevail. May the liars, thieves, American subversionsts and all their propagandists go straight to HELL.


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