Times are Tough

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    Store owner gives would-be robber $40, bread
    Bat-wielding man collapsed in tears, saying it was to feed starving family

    Store owner gives would-be robber $40, bread - TODAY People

    Where are the charities? This is why government is important and necessary.

    And this is why we don't just rely on charity and churches, because they don't do shit!! Not enough anyways.

    And this is the result of jobs leaving America. When you put people into poverty, crime goes up.

    And please notice that the store owner is a muslim from Pakistan. All you people who hate muslims or think they hate us, wake up. Our problem in the middle east is between our government, theirs, and the corporations pulling the strings.

    I like what Mohammad Ali said. No Viet Kong ever called him a N.

    And he didn't see the sense in letting the white government send his black behind to viet nam to fight the brown man.

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