Time Growing Short For The Anti War Left

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    [The jig may almost be up for those lads.
    The die has already been cast by precedent as to what happens to the deposed Arab dictator when caught after the revolution. Saddam and his head were soon parted during the hangman's drop and Moammar caught some rounds in the testes before someone decided to ease his pain and suffering, sorta like the generous act of tying up the dead Clara Pettachi's skirt, protecting her modesty, while her and Mussolini's corpses hung side by side, upside down from a post. So Assad should be fairly cognizant of what's going to happen to him once the rebels get inside the compound and dollars to donuts he's not going to leave without a fight and go out with a flare, the prepositiong of his poison gas rounds for easy access for his troops fighting the rebels up on the lines is clue one.
    Its gonna be a tough sell for the Dems to make with a couple hundred thousand or even a million dead Syrians lying on the ground and the only shell casings around are all saying made in Iraq. Yeah, we know. You'll then be screaming for George Bush's head as a war criminal complicit with Assad because he let Saddam move them to Syria. Louis Carroll's "Alice In Wonderland" was more in touch with reality than the Democrat Party's talking points are. But they're conceived with their base in mind, yano, like the 2,000 in Tampa and the 10,000 in New Jersey that fell for the "Barry's gonna pay your light bill" scam if you just give us your Social Security number, your bank account numbers and your on line or telephone passwords and promises to e-mail testimonials when the bills start getting paid. Just better hope the Russians get there before anyone else and scoop all the evidence up.]

    "As the news stories mount regarding Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s decision to move his chemical weapons stockpile from storage to areas closer to rebel locations, there is one thing the mainstream media is not commenting on: How Syria acquired what is reported to be one of the world’s largest arsenals of bio-chemical WMD? More to the point, what they are not reporting is this: From where did the Assad regime acquire their bio-chemical WMD?

    In 2006, former Iraqi general, Georges Sada, who served under Saddam Hussein before he defected, wrote a comprehensive book detailing how the Iraqi Revolutionary Guard moved weapons of mass destruction into Syria, before the US-led action to eliminate Saddam Hussein’s WMD threat, by loading the weapons into civilian aircraft in which the passenger seats were removed."

    Where Did Syria
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