Three fun Asian Films.

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    Was tooling around on Netflicks and saw these:

    Ip Man - The story of a Wing Chung instructor during the occupation of China by Japan. Very well done and entertaining. Based on a true story. Ip Man was the teacher of American Film Star Bruce Lee.

    Ip Man 2 - The Continuing adventures of Ip Man. This one finds him in Hong Kong struggling to open a school. He gets mixed up in a Western Boxing vs. Chinese Boxing competition. Very nicely done.

    The Man from Nowhere - Typically Korean which means lots of crying and tugs at the Heart strings. But it's also very bloody. This is action in the vein of "Old Boy" or "No Sympathy for Mr. Vengence". It concerns a Pawnshop dealer and his junkie neighbor who rips off a gangster. These aren't ordinary gangsters..the deal drugs and harvest organs. The Pawnshop dealer is friendly with the junkie's daughter..a very pixie like little girl who is cute as a button. The gangsters kidnap the mother and girl to force the Pawnshop dealer to become a "fall guy". All hell breaks loose when the Pawnshop dealer discovers they harvested the mother's organs. Great revenge film. Make sure to bring a hanky.

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