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    Every so often I come across a genuine saint, a truly good person who I had not heard of before, media is just too conservative today. I miss the hard hitting journalism of the past.

    Alison des Forges died this past year, and hopefully if anything comes next, she sees life whole and hopeful again.

    This story ties into so many other stories we have discussed here and into so much of our foreign policies. If evil is to be countered, why is it only countered where oil is found under the ground.

    This story ties into so many other stories we see discussed here and so much of our US policies. If media is liberal, as so many assume, why are these genocides not shown more often.

    This story ties into so many other stories we have discussed here, and so much of our foreign policies. If religion really cared about life and people, why is nothing done about this as church money builds only enormous cathedrals of babel.

    While these are rhetorical questions, I often ponder the simplistic interest we have in the mundane as the world turns.

    "She was truly wonderful, the epitome of the human rights activist - principled, dispassionate, committed to the truth and to using that truth to protect ordinary people. She was among the first to highlight the ethnic tensions that led to the genocide, and when it happened and the world stood by and watched, Alison did everything humanly possible to save people. Then she wrote the definitive account. There was no one who knew more and did more to document the genocide and to help bring the perpetrators to justice."

    Watch the video
    Alison Des Forges - A Tribute | Human Rights Watch

    [ame=] Leave None to Tell the Story: Genocide in Rwanda (9781564321718): Alison Liebhafsky Des Forges, Alison Des Forges: Books[/ame]
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