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    Sunday, Jan. 2, 2005 11:10 a.m. EST
    Krauthammer: U.S. Gives 60 Percent of Global Food Aid

    Columnist Charles Krauthammer blasted U.N. officials and other America-bashers Sunday morning for trying to paint the U.S.'s foreign aid contribution as "stingy" in the wake of the Asia tsunami disaster - especially since the facts prove exactly the opposite.

    "We are six percent, or less, of the world's population," Krauthammer told his fellow "Fox News Sunday" panelists. "We give almost half [of the global foreign aid]. ... We give 60 percent of all the food aid on the planet."

    And that's not all: "We maintain a military infrastructure that keeps the peace in the world," he noted. "We are the only people who do that."
    "It's simply irresponsible to talk about the United States as anything other than the most generous nation in the world," Krauthammer said.

    The conservative columnist was responding to "FNS" panelist Ceci Connolly, who suggested that U.S. aid contributions were stingy in comparison to the nearly $1 billion of federal relief that poured into the state of Florida during last year's hurricane epidemic, which killed a mere 100 Americans.

    Using Connolly's math, a contribution proportionate to the 120,000 deaths reported so far in the tsunami crisis would compel the U.S. to donate $1.2 trillion in disaster relief to the affected countries.

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