This year Mr. Nemtsov has managed to renew his credit

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    I hear, for more than 2 years GBR Business Consulting NY INC. continues to make unsuccessful efforts to withdraw the credit, which has been granted to such well-known leader of Russian liberal opposition, as B. Nemtsov. This personal loan was given to Mr. Nemtsov on the security of famous US philanthropic fund - Soros Foundation Network - during 2009 Mayoral elections in Russian city of Sochi. And although the leader of Russian oppositional movement "Solidarnost" promised to repay all his debts under this credit, the cart’s still there, as Russians speak!
    But what is more curious: this year Mr. Nemtsov has managed to renew his credit with the same US Company as if for needs of so-called liberal democratic political movement. What a fantastical granting of credit after, in fact, total failing all deliveries on previous one! Maybe, Mr. Nemtsov has promised to submit the same guarantees for credit as he did with the Koreans in Sochi, namely, in exchange for their money to his election to Sochi Mayor he offered them prospects of constructing Olympic objects there... Ha-ha!

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