This Says It All: Obama Uses Teleprompter At 10 Person Meeting

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    Now folks, Sarah Palin would never do something like this. I mean, this is a meeting with just a few people . What does this say about our presidents memory and ability to reason when on his own? This is truly appalling and it raises questions as to why he can't memorize what he wants to say. Again this is at a meeting with his Middle Class Task Force. There have been reports of the presidents odd behavior coming from white house insiders that is raising questions about the 25th Amenment being invoked against him and I believe it should happen. This is embarrassing for our president to use a teleprompter like this. What's next with this guy.


    Obama Uses Teleprompter For A 10 Person Meeting

    Video for proof. Skip to about 37 minutes to watch him:!
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