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    and my blog page also on FB "Meet At The Shade Tree".

    This post is a bit lengthy and if you don't want any truth bombs laid on ya....pass this post by...but to those that are awake or have any intellectual curiosity, please continue to read.
    Left-wing, right-wing....body in the middle controls them both. The puppet masters laugh as to how easily they are able to divide us along so many different lines. What is killing this country is our ignorance of how the financial system actually works and the ones behind it. People don't read books like they once did, they don't do any due diligence about how this fiat currency system actually works because they are not taught this. They have no real clue about the real history of this country and they never question the indoctrination per the education that they received which was financed by the very same banking oligarchs that actually own us all per a contract that was our birth certificate (that was printed on bond paper and then monetized) because under the UCC/admiralty law....anything can be monetized and used as a negotiable instrument.

    If the people could fully grasp as to how badly they have been abused and how their sweat equity was used as collateral on a debt that they never owed that was charged to them by a corporate entity disguising itself as a legitimate governmental body? There would be a "torches and pitchforks" march on the corporate headquarters that is Washington, D.C. that would rock the entire world. It would truly be the "shot heard 'round the world.

    Allow me to explain this in language that will make sense to you.....we have been sold out....we have been used, our sweat equity exploited and now with the robotic age approaching, you are becoming "irrelevant"...a resource with a declining value. The thing is, they owe you when the time comes that you are no longer able to put into the system and the fact of the matter is? They don't want to pay up...that fiat currency that they created in order to buy up real assets using your labor has just about run it's course and about to collapse on it's self.

    Think about it......when did we go from the "Personnel Office" to the "Human Resource Office"???? You are and have always been nothing but a resource signing Promissory notes that they then "monetized" while never risking a dime of their own resources. Central banking (The Federal Reserve) and the tool of fractional banking by their member banks have done nothing but make us hamsters on the treadmill fueling a financial machine that built the military hammer that has been used on third world countries like nails that didn't have the means to fend off this entity that had resources these cabal of thieves coveted.

    It all goes back to the Bretton Woods agreement shortly after WWII, how the dollar became the world's reserve currency under the Marshall plan to rebuild Europe and other war-torn countries by having a gold backed currency that could be redeemed if you had dollars. What happened was that the controllers that owned the printing press spewed out paper currency as fast as they could to enrich themselves and using it to buy up hard assets while they could until the rest of the world caught on to the scam.

    In August of 1971, Nixon made an announcement that he wasn't going to redeem other countries holdings of the dollar for the gold that they had stored with the Federal Reserve Bank which was nothing but thievery of the highest order. We had price fixing, wage freezes and gas shortages due to the flood of dollars that came home for the gold redemption because the war in Vietnam kept the printing press running night and day based on gold that they did not have at the 35 dollars per ounce agreed upon price. That is why the countries that recognized that USA.INC was writing checks that they couldn't cover wanted to cash in their dollars while they could...that is, until Nixon shut off the spigot. BTW, there is no gold in Fort Knox......our real money was confiscated before most of us were ever born.

    There has never been a real time audit of the alleged gold in Fort Knox just like there has never been a "top to bottom" audit of the foreign owned Federal Reserve since it's inception since 1913....imagine that?
    What has kept the fiat dollar afloat is simple. In 1973, Nixon made a deal with OPEC nations that if they would only sell their oil in dollars after they created an artificial shortage ( to raise the price) and that USA.INC would provide them with military protection and sell them military equipment on the cheap thus the origin of the "petro dollar". Any country that didn't like this arrangement found USA.INC on their doorstep ready to open up a case of (snicker) "democracy". This is why the system hasn't collapsed yet.... but it's gonna happen...just as sure as God makes little green apples.....etch it in stone. In the mean time, we do not have allodial rights to property. There is nothing that you have that cannot be confiscated by the government which is nothing but a arm of the central bankers that own our debt.

    This is a fact and something you need to wrap your head around.There is a treasure trove of information out there for you to find...the thing is, it's not going to come looking for you. The dumbed down masses watch "lame stream media" and read newspapers that are owned by the very ones that control this debt slavery system (via a fiat currency backed by nothing of an intrinsic value) and they believe that they have a grasp on what is going on....nothing could be further from the truth. Six huge conglomerates own 90 percent of ALL media...that includes TV, radio and print. They control the news and they decide what is news and they put their own spin on it in order to control the narrative and the debate. Every head of the six conglomerates have a seat on the Council on Foreign Relations, an offshoot of the Royal Institute Of International Affairs. These think tanks are the "shadow government" created by the banking oligarchs after the "League Of Nations" failed and until they could pass through the United Nations charter.

    Here is another "fun fact".....
    "Dollar" is actually a unit of measurement i.e so many grains of sliver and so many grains of gold. The real money of this country was confiscated in 1933 with the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy of USA.INC when it was mandated that everyone had to turn in their gold in exchange for debt notes that we call "Federal Reserve notes". What you believe to be your "federal government" is nothing but a corporate entity owned by the international bankers (that own the Federal Reserve central bank that extends credit from nothing) as a successor to contract to provide the 19 enumerated/essential services per their corporate charter constitution via the Act of 1871 (which was the first step on the way towards our enslavement).

    The last president that took up for the American people and tried to shut down this cabal of thieves was JFK that had 4.3 billion dollars of silver backed currency put into circulation via Executive Order 11110 which was a direct attack against the foreign owned Federal Reserve bankers. He couldn't dissolve the charter so he did the next best thing....he came up with a way to bypass them. I believe that this was one of the biggest reasons he was taken out by rogue elements of the CIA. If you want to watch a riveting documentary about how we got to this place and how we were lied to about history? Watch "JFK To 9/11....Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick". I will leave a link at the bottom of this post. It is long but for me? Once I started watching, I couldn't stop until it was over and even though I already knew much of the information it contained, it still moved me and it made me want to weep for what was lost. You owe it to yourself to at least watch the first 30 minutes.,....I can ask no more than that.

    Until people use a little intellectual curiosity and do some research? We will continue to swirl the drain...the rich will get richer and the middle class will be a thing of the past because THAT is the master plan. Poor people are easier to control and they leave less of a carbon footprint. All of this was revealed in the Iron Mountain Report and acted upon by the Club of Rome, on offshoot of the United Nations of wealthy elites that devised a plan to systematically take down the middle class. "Google" Club of Rome, Maurice Strong...Agenda 21 and then come back and tell me that I am wrong. I live and breathe this stuff....I have studied this ten to sixteen hours a day for almost five years....I rarely take time off because I am an information junkie. I don't have a TV anymore and have no desire to have one. I download lectures and documentaries, listen to them at work and then do the proper vetting of information.
    We are like a frog in a pan where the heat is being gradually turned up because as the temperature rises slowly, the frog becomes acclimated until he finds himself "cooked" from the inside out. I know of what I speak and I welcome anyone that wishes to refute or debate this. We are in this together. I estimate that I have had over two thousand posts just like this deleted over the last four years while never violating their terms of service...this is simply information that the powers that be do not want you to know.
    Hosea 4:6 " My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge"...

    JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick
    The who, how & why of the JFK assassination. Taken from an…
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