This in the end how is it?

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    Su Zi Yan will be determined by a few people watching, eyes full of strange and puzzling. Can not think in the end how it was. Who are these people in the end?

    "Mother, children miss Yan Yan child wrong ... ah ... how do you?"

    This time we finally found the purple color of the Soviet Union was wrong.

    "Feng children, your mother does not know ... ah ..." This time the mother is also worried the Soviet Union together, "Yan child just woke up when it comes to good, how suddenly ..." mother of the Soviet Union, looked confused, turned look Su parent.

    "Do not worry, perhaps with the body still weak ... ... Yan children, so father will help you Baba Mai." Finish hand stretched over it. Su parent brow Jincu. Yan child's situation, he is also very puzzled.

    Su Zi Yan also a look of doubt, the Soviet Union reached the father when she came quickly throughout the body to shrink the shrink quilt. Be sure to ask how it was.

    "I ask ... ... how do I it?"

    What? How such a strange child Yen up? ! Several people looked at each other, but can not tell where is wrong.

    "Yan child, you fell in the water, cold day, you have a lot of water into the ... ... high fever, has also been said that nonsense, in a coma for five days ..." Su mother and distressed them.

    Fell into the water? Yes, ah, he is drowning, ah, but will not, ah, East Lake's water is not deep, but flying aircraft should be immediately rescued their own, how could a coma five days so serious? These people, who in the end?

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