This has nothing to with being Gay.

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    ‏Read this article very close and between the lines, it’s all about the money people that’s all. WE ARE BROKE and some know it and now they want to tack it into the annual $726 billion defense authorization bill, remember money we will have to borrow. Does this make any sense to you? WELL SORRY IT DONT ME.I personally could care less if your gay or not, and I know there are those out there that put this under their religious views but that’s OK, that is what America is all about. But it’s not about Money and Politics that is ruining are nation. It’s all about the Big Government telling us what to do and how to act. Don’t you think we are smarter than that or at least I hope we are?

    But those of you that served and never knew they were, did not this man or women have your back in a gun fight, did he or she not put their life on the line along with you? Think about it!!! You don’t have to like it, but making it a political part of the Military is wrong.

    Here is the article for those that haven’t read it: How Democrats lost ‘don’t ask’ repeal | The Upshot Yahoo! News - Yahoo! News

    The timing of the vote gave Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham, among others, the grounds to argue that the move was “political” and unrelated to the well-being of the military. They argued that Democrats just wanted to fulfill one of President Obama’s campaign promises before the big election, writes Mark Thompson at Time’s Swampland blog in a comprehensive rundown of the debate... Bottom line people, it’s politics and funding that’s all and the President is sweating this one out, he has done nothing and now he is trying to pull a rabbit out of his hat… Well sorry don’t think it’s going to work this time.
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