This country is toast, sorry you had to hear it from me

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    the big problem with this country is the baby-boomer generation who is under the false impression they have things because they worked for it.
    in fact, that generation is still living off the legacy of what's left of the U.S. Constitution and the rights they had when they were younger.
    ...a document that they no longer understand or have any pledge to risk their lives fortunes or sacred honor.

    the Socialists spread their poison in America, and after the bombings, threats, and efforts to unionize workers to shut down plants during wars (including the beginning of WW2) the Socialist machine simply told the public it was all a big illusion, a modern day hunt for witches that didn't exist.
    a few years later a Marxist cell , starring Lee Oswald, kills a President in broad daylight, and Americans are STILL walking around saying "gee, i wonder what happened? i know it wasn't Communists because the TV said they don't exist"
    ever since then, the Socialists, or what ever they call themselves now, have been passing one law after another to destroy the country.

    the government uses EPA laws to close plants and open in other countries with Socialist slave labor.
    the government uses the EPA to make products expendable, causing us more expense.
    the government runs business out of the country with taxes, fees, and tariffs, for the sake of equalizing the loser countries of the world.
    the government has no respect for Christianity, and tells us "Congress shall make no law ... religion, .. prohibiting the free exercise thereof" means that Christianity can not be seen or heard.
    the government refuses to enforce drug laws, and is actually legalizing drugs, because the rich want to make profit of off the sickness of Americans.
    the government refuses to restrain businesses who rip off the public.
    the government insists on illegal immigrants coming to the country to plunder.
    the government refuses to tell the schools that they have to teach American constitutional history
    the government insists on embracing perversion.
    we have a government that insists on sinking the public into debt.
    none of the branches of government know what their job is.

    Americans are trading their Bill of Rights for nothing.

    how do we call this country a "democracy" or a "representative republic" when 70% of the nation wants enforcement of immigration law, and the government simply says no?

    where is the anger from the public when the government ignores constitutional law?

    never in my life have i seen so many people walk away from responsibility.
    why do Americans think they will have good things by doing nothing?

    Americans think that if they keep their mouth shut they will have prosperity for one more day, and everything will work out for the best.
    what ever little fortune you build up, isn't going to be worth anything.
    perhaps the younger generation will have the answers, leave the burden to them.

    Americans think the right to vote means voting for what ever Obama / Romney traitor is placed in front of you.

    i've had a taste of the new America and i feel very, very, sorry for the future generations.
    people who will pay a lot of money for promises, and will work to only spin their wheels and accomplish nothing.

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