This country is is not want it used to be..

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Lovebears65, Aug 4, 2011.

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    We have freedom of speech . But now the government has restrictions on that. We have freedom of Religion but lately they have a war on Christianity in the main stream media will kissing the ass of the Muslim faith. This country was founded on Christianity. I have no qualms of anyone who has different religions but do not force your religion and use it political gain. I see it over and over on the left kissing the Muslim asses and all the long bashing the christian faith. Case in point . A few years ago they were made to take down a Christmas tree but the Star of David and other religious groups were allowed to display their religions. I feel this is a war on Christianity plan in simple . And I am not a very religious person. I baptized Catholic but I can count in 1 hand how many times I have been in a church. Ie weddings funeral ect... I am open to any religion but one when religion thinks they are the best( Muslim) and think that everyone should follow their culture then its has gone to far..

    Ok I am off my soap box!!

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