This a conspiracy theory about the arrest of Jack Jackson

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    Did beef get Jack Johnson arrested?

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    2010-11-13 .

    Beef ,revenge and power this always make a good story. This a conspiracy theory about the arrest of Jack Jackson. If you have not heard Jack Johnson and his wife were arrested and booked by the FBI on November 12, 2010. The information presented for the arrest was based on some corruption but, everyone knows a man is innocent till proven otherwise.

    First lets list the players in this theory and then the background will be presented. The first name on the list is David Hillman. You know big money David the billion CEO of Southern Management, Jackson Johnson, PG County residents and Rashan Baker as Fiddler from the movie roots

    If you we look at David "de rich white man" Hillman, we know he has a long history with the DMV and Southern Management relationship with this region from the sea to mountain top . Hillman's company has giving back to PG County in different ways. For example, Hillman gave $1.7 million to establish the Hillman Entrepreneurs Program for students at Prince George’s Community College and the University of Maryland. This money giving is a key to this theory and his influence in this DMV area.

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