Things that contribute to the United Republic being such a great nation, if it became a reality

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    Things that contribute to the United Republic being such a great nation, if it became a reality.

    1. The Archipelago Island nature of the Queen Elizabeth Islands, the location of the Islands, and the weather conditions of the islands.

    *Major Island nations, and certainly an Archipelago demands a powerful navy and Air Force, these are the two major things that make a nation a global power in the first place.

    *A Cold climate is very good for education, industrialization and urbanization, and a service economy, because of the lack of agricultural potential.

    *The Arctic is one of the most technologically advanced regions in the world, demanding technological advancement.
    (Sweden, Norway, Russia, Canada and Finland, and parts of the UK)

    2. The Red, White and Blue flag is the flag of the most prosperous nations in the world, the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands and France...
    This flag would absolutely command respect and pride from those living under it, especially in an Archipelago nation such as this,
    requiring great shipping industry, and powerful navy and air force,
    Boosting patriotism, morale, and therefore productivity and therefore wealth.

    3. In the Industrial Revolution, cities took on average 100 years to reach their modern sizes.
    With today's construction technology, population of workers, and approaches to building things, a bigger city, with better buildings and better infrastructure can be had in around just 20 years.

    4. As a new nation, the United Republic would have no qualms about seeking foreign services for construction, such as those companies in the UAE that Built Dubai.
    Or from France, with one of the best construction industries in all of Europe, in the world.

    5. Being a new nation, it is born of technology.

    6. Ellemere Island (A state of the United Republic) is a geologists dream, it contains fossils of the very first fish to walk on land in the Devonian Period, giving rise to land dwelling animals..
    That Fish is called "Tiktaalik".

    7. The European nation size of the land mass depicted above, makes trail travel very efficient, and the location and nature of the islands, also demands air travel... allowing us to have the best of both, just be necessity alone.

    8. The fight over inhumanities, inequalities and establishment and fights over both existence and over form are over in the western world, allowing this new westernized nation to start with best policies.
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    What’s the point, eh?

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