Things Are Better Now, Post-Punahou School

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    Millions are apparently waking up to the reality of the New President, and so soon after a Bush Administration. Before, the planet could look with awe at 20% Afrikaner, 80% not too. . .up on things.

    And then, after that, came the mortgage bankers.

    How could anyone find a role model in Abraham lincoln?!?

    Like in recent Iraq and Afghanistan, then the Lincoln Administration claimed to be engaged in some manner of "nation-building," or "liberation!" What Lincoln created was a sea of black people in the South, mostly indentured to the bills that they owed to the plantation-owners. The Emancipation Procalamation, likely even taught in some schools, even now: Exhorted the Freed Blacks, when allowed, to work for wages. So technically, after the crops were, "handed over," with deductions made--then maybe there could be some actual hard currency, instead of the usual plantation market currency, to work with.

    The plantation concept of a free market, post the Lincoln Adminstration, is still like that, and is apparently West Wing Admired, even now! The Church of the Divine Messianic Obama, and Health Insurance Exchange: Is so far looking like mandated benefits, at a subsidized price, no doubt with overseers, from the Ivy League, as far as the eye can see!

    You hand over your federal subsidy, and wait and see what you get back(?)!

    Where were the unemployment statistics, even then? We now know that black teenage unemployment, in the United States, is at 50% or more. The West Wing will put out that, "things are better now!"

    A few large medical corporations have sway in many states, too which all the people are mostly indentured, or are on their way to the post-Lincoln status in America.

    Coincidentally, anyone wonders, in fact the Administration's generals want more troops to create the New Paradise in Afghanistan, just like in the Iraq of the 2.0 mil. refugees. That was previously, and clearly funded.

    The West Wing isn't engaged in solving that problem at all! The West Wing still admires Abraham Lincoln!

    Just like in some schools!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Anyone sees that the former colonies, have their own version of, "The Blessings of Freedom!" after all! It is 20% Afrikaner, and 80% not too up on things--kind of Like Rev. Jesse Jackson, or like famous Rev., Billy Graham(?), (Achooden--Aw Jeez!), or Minister Farakhan, or Rev. Al Sharpton--and maybe even Great Prophet, Rev. Jeremiah Wright!)
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