They're ALL Greedy SOBs

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    This is a really excellent opinion article that makes some vital points I wanted to share, especially with those who just don't "get" capitalism.

    They’re All Greedy SOBs - HUMAN EVENTS

    "I think it’s high time for Americans to grow up and realize they’re all greedy SOBs… most definitely including the government.

    Every market organization is “greedy” because it wants to increase its value and influence. It wants to sell more of its products, for the greatest profit margin it can realize. To this end, it wishes to increase productivity, keep costs down, and prevail over its competitors. Most individuals within the organization want to improve their position and earn more compensation.

    Every party involved in the capitalist enterprise is greedy. Insurance companies are selfish for squeezing high premiums out of their customers… and the customers are greedy for expecting cheap insurance and lavish benefits, especially the kind of irrational benefits that can only be created through government intervention, such as requiring medical insurers to become welfare agencies by covering pre-existing conditions.

    The banks that issue mortgages are greedy, and so are people who want to live in fine houses on modest salaries. Credit card companies are as mendacious as the consumers who use those cards to purchase luxuries they can’t really afford, demanding the right to borrow money at very low interest rates.

    What are the proper limits of self-interest? Leaving aside activities that are obviously dangerous or dishonest, and therefore illegal, the free market limits greed through competition, and the informed choices of consumers.

    Many would object that this rosy capitalist scenario turns darker when companies collude in some manner to loot their customer base. The most important thing to understand about such situations is that they almost always involve the exercise of government power in some form. Banks, for example, do collude in certain respects… and their vehicles for doing so all have the word “federal” in their names.

    We should enter the free market with our eyes wide open, by accepting that everyone involved will act in their own interests. If you’re not happy with the greedy SOBs you’re dealing with, your best bet is to find an even greedier SOB who wants to steal your business from them."
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