They put up the best fight they could

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    These ladies put up the best fight they could yet big pharma won out. How can a citizen compete with giants that are willing to spend millions to make billions? They can't. If any of you took the time to read through the website I would not be able to understand how anyone could approve of what is happening to this country!

    "Two days ago, The MOTHERS Act and several other dangerous psych programs passed the house after being stuck in the 2400 page Senate Health Care Bill. Today, President Obama, a former co-sponsor of The MOTHERS Act in the Senate, signed the bill into law."...continued
    Yes, We Can Pretend We Did It All On Our Own (The MOTHERS Act – How at least $13 to $16.4 million in pHARMa dollars buys a bill) The Bitter Pill

    What the Media Doesn’t Say about Antidepressants & Pregnancy The Bitter Pill

    Everyone that has a hand in assisting or being complicit with these pharmaceutical companies pushing these drugs on young mothers and children should be shot. These results of playing guinea pig with other peoples lives and children is not acceptable!


    Intra-Uterine Deaths and Umbilical Cord Abnormalities Linked to Antidepressants in MedWatch Reports; Preventing Threatened Miscarriages

    Drug induced murder and mayhem brought to you by America's new chemical nazi regime.
    SSRI Stories: Violence, Murder, Suicide – Mothers & Antidepressants The Bitter Pill

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