They meant to say "Manmade CO2", right?

Discussion in 'Environment' started by CrusaderFrank, Aug 1, 2011.

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    In a clear mistake, has incorrectly placed the responsibility for the ebb and flow in ice ages on something as ridiculous as precession of the Earth axis, when they clearly meant to say "ManMade CO2 causes Global Warming"

    I went to school with Joe Rao and might need to point this glaring error out to him.

    "Earth spins around its orbital axis, changing its angle toward the sun — its obliquity — by a little more than a degree over the course of thousands of years. These small differences are significant enough to cause the ebb and flow of ice ages."

    Earth's Stabilizing Moon May Be Unique Within Universe | Earth's Moon & Early Solar System | Formation of Life |

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