They Eat Tigers. Put Sanctions on China

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    If there are no Tigers, Lions and other massive animals then human beings will enter forests without any fear and they will cut and chop down all the Trees and plants and hunt prey animals.

    Fear of massive animals protects giant forests and Trees. Law alone cannot protect forests and Trees.

    I think there are only 3,000 Tigers alive in this world.

    Many Chinese people kill tigers and I think they use "tiger bone powder" as medicines for sexual strength.

    People in India kill tigers and sell them to China. So Tigers in India are at serious risk of disappearing because present Indian government is most corrupt in history.

    It is high time international community/society put an end to this madness and nonsense because without Tigers the world would never be the same again.

    The African tribal people "Masai" kill Lions for show of strength and revenge. Some 20 or 30 Masai people will kill a lion with spears.

    Without Lions and Tigers, the world would never be the same again.

    International community and people must put trade sanctions, financial sanctions, travel sanctions, international job sanctions and other sanctions on China.

    Boycott Chinese manufactured cars products and services if China does not stop eating tigers and dogs immediately.

    Chinese, Japanese, and other asians show brutal sex on pornography websites. These people have serious mental illness.

    If people do not help lions, tigers, bears and other extremely dangerous animals then these massive animals will help themselves by killing people. Simple rule of Mother nature.

    There is serious and dangerous situation out there.

    Chickens never kill people.

    A single Tiger can kill 100 people.

    2 Lions had killed 140 people in Africa in year 1920 when British were constructing railways in Africa.

    You do it or Lions and Tigers will do it. As simple as that.

    Many poachers and their customers who kill Tigers and animals are involved in pornography and prostitution and they feed these profession.

    Read this:

    Now GM is now designing, building & selling their electric cars in China instead of the USA. We bailed GM out & paid them to develop the Volt electric car.

    Images of 1,000 Dogs Stuffed into Cages to be Sold as Meat

    They were destined to be cooked and eaten, but these suffering dogs luckily escaped their gruesome fate.

    Police in Thailand rescued more than 1,000 of the animals from tiny cages when they intercepted four trucks attempting to smuggle them out of the country.

    The heart-breaking pictures of 1,000 dogs stuffed into cages to be sold as meat... but they've been rescued | Mail Online
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    Big cats dying out...
    Lions, tigers, big cats may face extinction in 20 years
    28 Oct.`11 - Icons of the wild — lions, tigers and other big cats — are fading from the world's wild places, warn conservation experts worldwide.

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