There's Never An Inflationary Economy Around When You Need One!

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    Blacks seem to know this best of all, In America! There is never an inflationary economy around when you need one! There is just something "magical" in how said economies seem to disappear, as though they harbored some nature of "disease."

    How would the TARP program react if the housing crisis suddenly faced exploding inflation? How would the subprime mortgage-holders have been able to make-out(?): In an absolutely inflationary environment?

    What happens in an inflationary environment, anyway? And the answer is that prices, and values based on prices: Increase.

    That is not entirely a problem. Even basketball games, with Al Sharpton's (girls) on the court: Can actually happen!

    The problem is called, "The American Association of University Professors," especially at University of California, any chapters whatsoever. What do they do?

    California has been in budget crisis for about twenty years, and more years. One is rarely passed on time. In all of this, UC faculty, and senior faculty now at $200,000.00+ per year, get "Cost-Of-Living-Adjustments," So if inflation rates were in mega-percentages, during last year's energy spike: Then UC faculty got raises including 7% of $200,000.00, 7% of $100,000.00 per year, 7% of $50,000.00 per year. Social Security beneficaries got 7% of $24,000 per year, and well below that, all the way down.

    "Inflation, that was then--this is now," is not the law. In fact, inflation rates for interest, dividend, and other investment media do not happen: Unless there are boom times. All kinds of peoples now could use--some inflation!

    Government and education employees, generally, do not have the problem. Mostly, as income recipients, they are the problem! They have the COLA's, automatic and in place.

    In California, even in the last decade, lawsuits were filed claiming civil service employment to be an "entitlement" for the persons employed. Schools are famous for "tenure," and especially teach that fixed percentage COLA's are academically and statistically correct. An application of a fixed percentage increase of Consumer Price Index is also regarded an accurate, statistical: Forecasting tool.

    What is inflation, really? Is it just another mechanism to throw people off of the federal income tax rolls, through percentage adjusted--for inflation--equal dollar amounts of U. S. federal Tax Code: Standard Deduction and Personal Exemption amounts? Who would say that(?)!

    The problem with that is that it is in the tax code, and not in the national payrolls computing. To the extent that there is a kind of national COLA already in place: Then one that is actually accurate, can even be put in place.

    After all: It's only a little arithmetic trick, called "inflation."

    Widely reported 3/14/2009: NAACP is actually suing, if not entirely all about that. NAACP has noticed some nature of statistical trick in the allocation of sub-prime mortgages--to some people that anyone can guess about, who had scored(?)!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Fortunately, Her Majesty's PM: Was in position to do some good at Davos--admonishing the former (aboriginie-based) peoples of all the earth--about our precious Western Ways of Freedom and Peace!)
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