There Will Be Blood

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    This was a tough movie to judge. The first half seemed like we're being told a story and everything is going well.

    We know there are issues with the characters, but everything is steady as far as introductions and story information.
    From the start, there are no boring moments by any means. Stuff is happening and you figure there is a reason,, based on the plot. The results are that you're on the edge of your seat. As we approach the third quarter, so to speak, things start getting a bit off track, but the last quarter, the ending, is where we see trouble in the movie.. I think it is the last part, the ending, where more work is needed to bring the movie to a quality end.. Not necessarily a happy ending since this is a dark movie, but an ending where either a celebration, an redemtion, a climax, something that ties the movie up for a clean sensible finish. It does deserve a more consistant finish. As is,, I think the ending is abstract. I need some help figuring that out.

    Lewis, and the rest of the cast are great. BEAUTIFUL cine in many of the scenes.

    There are some crappy edits/splices/lead to's that could have been done better, but maybe that is why it was a preview.. I don't know, I am not an expert, but I have seen better.

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