There is nothing so grand as Grandchildren!

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    Becoming a grandparent for the fourth time was yet another one of those greatest moments in my life. I can remember it like it was yesterday. The wonder of that moment still lingers. My granddaughter was born with some complications so she could not come home right away. When I held her in my arms at the hospital and beheld her tiny face, I saw God's most beautiful creation and gift to mankind. A grandchild. Her lips looked like a little rose bud. Though tiny, she was perfect from head to toe.

    When my son was finally able to bring mother and baby home, their house was ready. My husband and I tried our best not to drop by too often or smother them as they bonded with their little one. Soon they had to go back to work and as my husband and I were available, we took care of our granddaughter when their schedules conflicted.

    Sometimes that meant overnight stays but we have never minded because when our granddaughter is with us we are able to lavish her with lots of love, attention, and outings to see things she enjoys. She will be two years old this Thanksgiving. We have much to be thankful for. Our other three grandchildren live very far away! We've never had this opportunity before!

    When I take my granddaughter out for an ice-cream or a shopping day for toys, I sometimes meet other grandparents. Some of them have told me they are raising their grandchildren. They feel overburdened with the responsibility of taking their grandchildren for extended periods of time, overnight stays, and trips to the doctor.

    It is understandable that many parents need more help these days due to the cost of childcare. If they cannot work out their schedules so that one is home while the other works they are going to need back up. That is where grandparents can be a true blessing to both their children and their grandchildren.

    We know of a grandparent who has her granddaughter full time because the daughter had a problem with drug addiction. She has done the right thing by taking in her precious granddaughter and giving her the love, nurturing and safety she needs.

    The sacrifices we make today will be the rewards we reap tomorrow. What greater gift can we give our grandchildren than our time and our love?

    When my granddaughter shows up? I am all hers and she knows it. I'm in her world for the day and we play outside for hours! We've put a sandbox and slide and swimming pool in the yard for her. She enjoys working in the garden with me. She likes digging in my flower pots with a plastic french fry! I think it's great! She has her own room with her own table and chairs, tea set, dolls and things that she knows belong to her.

    When her mother pulls up in the driveway with her, the first thing she says is,

    Gampaw! Gampaw!

    As she runs towards my husband and leaps into his arms he just melts! I love it! Listening to her soft little southern voice, it sometimes takes my breath away! I told my husband, this is heaven on earth. It doesn't get any better than this. I understand now why they call them grand. Because they are!
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