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    The Meaning of Life
    (or, What's it all about?)

    Now available in Spanish! (Traducción de hsu -

    Let's step back a moment...

    Why do you want to know the meaning of life?

    Often people ask this question when they really want the answer to some other question. Let's try and get those people back on track with some "pre-meaning of life" advice:

    If you're questioning the meaning of life because you've been unhappy and depressed a good bit, click here.

    On a related note, if you want to know the meaning of life because you feel useless and worthless, click here.

    If you want to see our answer so that you can prove your intellectual prowess by poking holes in it, click here.

    If something awful just happened to you or someone you care about and you don't understand why bad things happen to good people, click here.

    If you would like to help the world but most of the rest of the world seems completely insane, click here.

    If you wonder why there is so much hatred in the world, click here.

    If you wonder why there is so much violence in our society, click here.

    If you really don't care about the meaning of life, you're just surfing and ended up here, click here.

    If after perusing the questions and side issues above, you're still wondering what life is really all about, you may be ready for the next step in this exposition on the meaning of life. Of course, if you're like most people, you've read all of the above links and now you want to find out what bombast the authors of this site will spew next, so click on to:

    The Meaning of Life - Part II

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