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    The year is 2,048, Israel and the Muslim nations are still fighting their War of Attrition. Because of the constant rocket attacks, Israel has built a lid over its security walls, much like an American football stadium.
    Since its birth 100 hundred years ago, most of the Israelis have left for greener pastures. The population of Israel has been reduced to 857,000 and the Palestinian Israelis now number 7,000,000 people. A new proportional voting law passed twenty years ago gives Jewish voters 20,000 votes for every one Palestinian. This should keep them in power for 17 more years according to Israeli demographers.
    America which provided much of its military hardware has long disappeared from the scene along with the depletion of oil in the Middle East. It is now self sufficient in new energy sources so that oil needed is miniscule.
    Israel has a new ally in Indiahowever that alliance is in danger because conversions to Islam have greatly reduced the amount of Cow Worshipers to a minority. The Israelis tried to introduce Hinduism into Israel to show their solidarity with their ally but the high Rabbinate refused to allow that because you could not eat corned beef but would allow pork chops!
    It just wasnÂ’t Kosher!
    The situation for the farmers is getting desperate too. The Wall is fine for keeping stolen Arab land but without sunlight their electric bills for grow lights is making their products too expensive for marketing.
    There have been rumors that the government will try opening a rolling system of the concrete roof over Israel in different parts of the country, hopefully fooling the Arabs and staying ahead of the rockets.
    Israelis finally elected a woman Prime Minister in since Golda Meir 70 years ago in Attilla Roseis. She promised to Kill em all in her campaign. Roseis is a nice Jewish Grandma who loves her grandchildren in which she teaches them how to kill Arabs.
    Its been 33 years since the UN declared Palestine a Nation. Since 2048 when the Israeli Palestinians were on the verge of a numerical majority Israel kept drawing Jewish settlers back from the yet not recognized Palestinian State by Israel to maintain its majority. However today the last 150,000 Settlers have left the West Bank and the Jewish Majority should last 13 more months.
    The situation is so desperate that Israel has tried to lure Israeli Palestinians by calling them brothers and sons of Abraham to covert to Judaism and redeem a one million shekel reward, but unfortunately there have been no takers.
    Even America witch maintains its embassy in Tel Aviv also maintains a separate embassy in East Jerusalem in Palestine for the last thirty three years. America abstained in all UN votes when Palestine was created.
    The rolling roof or lid as some call has been somewhat successful for getting some needed sunlight. The computerized system fools Arab rockets 26% of the time, so its dependency on Nuclear energy is lessened to roughly 64%.
    Fortunately for Israel the walls and Lid developed by PM IRose 33 years ago is a very good shield against the rockets, but Israel had to dismantle 87% of Dimonas Nukes to use as Fuel which was used for lighting and all its energy needs. Leaving Israel with only 10 nukes. Its Sampson Option has been greatly diminished.

    It is obvious that Israel's military dominance in the ME vaporized when Russia rolled over Israel's Ally who supplied them with Western Arms. Russia is now (if it hasn't already) putting missile shields in Syria and Iran...She probably will now give them missiles and who knows what else?
    Analysts say that if Israel does not make peace soon the stew is brewing for a major nightmare for humanity...Consider: Hezbolah does it again with rockets deep into Israel. Israel retaliates with air strikes which are met with new Russian air defense systems which check Israeli Air Power.
    Israel escalates with a land invasion which fails because Hezbolah has new anti tank weapons transferred from Syria via Russia...Israel bombs Syrian Military positions but the Russian made air defenses take a 80% toll on their planes. Egypt masses troops and Israel threatens nuclear strikes....
    Iran launches thousands of missiles with chemical war heads...Israel retaliates by nuking Tehran...Pakistan sends three dozen nukes into Dimmona and other major Israeli cities...
    Russia and America nervously keep in contact and hold off their forces, the ME is no longer.
    Others see:
    The future (to be continued)
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