The world’s most generous government assistance for a third child

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    "The Orbán government gave a wonderful Christmas present to families who either already have three plus children or who are planing to have at least three children in the next ten years. A couple, as long as they are young enough, can apply for a very generous subsidy for a newly built house or apartment even if at the moment they have no children at all. But there is a caveat: they must be officially married. Those people who have been worrying about all those children born out of wedlock can rest assured. The government is defending the institution of marriage and the traditional family structure even if currently half of Hungarian children are being taken care of by a single parent, usually a mother.

    The rules and regulations of this generous package are spelled out in great detail. Those who put it together tried to think of all possibilities, including in vivo insemination and its possible failure as it impacts the contract signed by the state and the couple who agree to produce at least three children in ten years. Almost all the major internet sites summarized the law, which appeared a few days ago. I read the version that appeared on Index. Put it this way, the hopeful couples should begin studying the law because it will not be easy to follow all the rules that will regulate their lives over the next ten years (+ 20 year the loan repayment!!!!). those of us who are not interested in participating in this undertaking, these details are not really important. What is important is the country’s financial investment in this demographic scheme. The young couples who decide to embark on this latest brainchild of the Orbán government will most likely hit the jackpot. But will they break the country’s bank?

    Although couples whose goal is to produce two children will also get free money, 2.6 million forints, I would like to concentrate here on those with three children either on the ground or still only a twinkle in the eyes of the parents and the state. Here the stakes are high: 10 million forints gratis and 10 million forints in a low interest (under 3%) loan as long as the apartment or house is new construction and of substantial size..."
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