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    The world is screwed. We are quickly running out of pawns that we can convince to go into debt up to their eyeballs. Because of the nature of our financial system - it has to continually increase in size or it collapses under its own weight. Its not a question of if it will collapse - that is a mathematical certainty. The real question is when will it collapse and what will happen after it does...

    Jesus had quite a bit to say on the subject, as did others as documented in the Bible. I know - many of you think "religion" is a joke. I would agree with you. Religion IS a joke. Jesus Himself would agree with you. RELIGION IS A JOKE.

    This thread will strive to chronicle key events that are taking place - how those events fit into the big picture - along with a smattering of thoughts/insights from yours truly.

    So - as a beginning point...

    Today the focus was on Bernanke and the Fed statement that was issued. The market was expecting (hoping) for QE3. For the uninitiated, QE means "Quantitative Easing" which is a fancy name for printing money.

    What the market hasnt figured out, even though its had months to do so, is that the Fed cannot implement QE3 unless and until the market corrects 20-30% and people are screaming for relief. But, because the market keeps bidding up assets in expectation of QE3 - they are actually preventing Bernanke from doing what he wants to do - i.e. more stimulative measures.

    What seemed to get lost in the noise was the fact that the "talks" with the Iranians broke down, virtually ensuring that sanctions will take effect in 2 weeks. These sanctions - including excluding Iran from SWIFT, force Iran to barter with other countries using gold as a currency (that is important). More importantly - they are forcing BRICS (and others) to create a new financial framework to eventually supplant the US led financial hegemony currently in place.

    Interestingly, the situation with Iran involves several of the "end times" players, including Russia, Iran and China.

    Things are getting hot and the velocity of events is increasing (sort of like how birth pangs increase in intensity...remember Jesus talking about birth pangs?).
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