The way forward, for BOTH parties....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by (R)IGHTeous 1, Dec 12, 2010.

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    G.O.P.: Keep embracing and supporting the Tea Party. They've been our salvation, reviving, and re-energizing our previously, defunct, lost, and leaderless party. Remain in the mainstream by supporting tax cuts, spending cuts, smaller/less authoritarian government, and national security. Lastly, refusing to allow the D's chokehold on minority communities and their votes they harvest to continue. We made a good start, be we have to fight harder for them. I'm doing what I can in my respective gay and Latino communities in my city/online.

    Democrats: Turn the entire party, and all leadership positions over to the Blue Dogs, simple, period. Expel nutty national socialists like Pelosi and Kucinich. Revamp entire platform, to the enter, ASAP. Return to the American political mainstream, and stop swimming in that stinking, rotting, authoritarian pond.

    This is me being objective btw. If the D's follow this, they'll survive, their party I mean, longer than if not.....yall are welcome....

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