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    Yesterday, AP reported the US Postal Service is $2.5 billion in the red. A quote from the Postmaster General John Potter.

    Silly me, I thought the USPS was mandated to operate in the black.

    Sadly Junk mail is what keeps the USPS afloat and that's the cause of the problem. Not enough junk mail to deliver and I might add be throw away before the letter carrier get back to the station.

    To me junk mail is an abuse of national resources. I don't want it, I don't want to subscribe to these advertisements, but if one wants the junk mail then pay the ST class postage rate via a subscription.

    The USPS is trying to economize and cutting back on personnel can help but the mail delivery system also needs attention.

    For example, mandatory curb side mail boxes. Central mail boxes for housing areas such as subdivisions to name two. I'm sure there are others.

    I don't think the USPS can stay within it's current budget, but that's OK, they can declare themselves a bank and get bail out funds.
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    as long as they give stuff away...for example priority mailers etc..they will lose money...

    i can normally ship with ups...for about the same price and that includes insurance...a lot of people get the free boxes and then turn them inside out to use with other carriers

    the use of e billing has really damaged the usps...10 years ago i mailed out all my bills....and they all mailed me i may mail one bill a month at most

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