the ugly movement for the political industry is the answer to all political problems

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    PVSI.NET is a very unnatractive movement for the political industry, which includes leaders, media, most religious groups, and any other organizations which have a voice on television. But to ordinary people, this movement is a dream come true.
    As you have noticed, blame aside, everything in political industry game revolves around money, everything!, but we believe, there is a

    Difference between capitalism and prostitution:

    Democrats and republicans. you feel the urge to vote for your candidate because you believe that the opposing side is destroying your nation.
    Most of the arguments between left and right revolve about what's best described in one word,... money.
    The sacrafice I am asking you to make, is paralel to this particular word, money. electing all new government officials, which have not been backed by money.

    There is a staggering difference, between government managing money, and money managing government. money managing government is not capitalism, it is pimping, prostitution, we are just used to it. and as if you want to find good leader, if you want to find a good wife, you should lay off prostitutes, for just one election. patience, faith and sacrafice is the key in both cases.
    If you would abandon your party for just one election, and the opposing side would end up winning as a result, next election it would only be easier for your side to win back the government - history clearly shows this. it's always "democrats, republicans, republicans, democrats" and so on.

    Today, I threw in a dead snake for my chickens. and they all began chasing the chicken with the snake. and I realised, the snake is like the money, and politicians and all the followers are the chickens, democrats or republicans it matters not.
    The world of politicians and their followers chasing the dead snake is coming to an end, world wide. they are rightfully burrying themselves in debt. from europe, to America, to japan, and in between. and to the misinformed, who believe that socialism is taking over, you should learn from history, and the fact that people from communist countries have been systematicaly streaming into capitalist countries for oportunity. so no. socialism is not what is taking over anything either. forget the attractive political terms. the world and especially of politics, is a very crooked place, full of liars and deceivers, who will pretend to be anything, to win elections and gain power. money attracts them like feces attracts flies.

    Let us elect decent leaders this November, nothing can be easier in the age of internet., is one word solution to a big, big problem. solution starts with you sharing this message, in any way you can, and there is nothing more to it. movements making money are all jealouse of each other, because there is a constant rivalry, of who gets the money and power, there is no such thing with because it is not backed by anyone, it is not leaning in any direction, but headed straight for justice.

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