The U.N., Clinton, and Bolton

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    International Fictions Like the U.N. Are Dying, Bolton or No Bolton
    By James Lileks, Minneapolis Star Tribune
    June 2, 2005

    He swore at subordinates. He chased after women, used bad language to underlings, cooked the data to get the results he wanted, and alienated as many people as he attracted. So much for his U.N. ambassadorship, eh? So let's hear no more about giving Bill Clinton that job.

    Yes, Bill. If you trust The Survivor, a Washington Post reporter's new book about the Clinton White House, he had a temper that made John Bolton look like Big Bird after half a pound of Valium. Oddly enough, the same people who regarded Bolton as Mr. Scary would be quick to nominate the former president for the job, even if they'd both beaned an aide with a glass ashtray from 20 feet. But the Bolton imbroglio has less to do with Bolton than with competing notions of the U.N.'s role, and boring old politics.

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