The Turkish Government Must Be More American Than Me...

Discussion in 'Congress' started by AVG-JOE, Sep 19, 2008.

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    At least that is how it looks to the world because they are better represented in the American Government than I am.

    Does any one else think it is a bad idea to have professional and well heeled lobbyists representing foreign governments in our capital city?

    The picture that is gelling in my mind regarding our current economic and social situation is that the neither democrats or republicans should be held accountable. It wasn't either party and it wasn't both. It was corruption, and corruption is about the most bipartisan concept in DC.

    Lets quit blaming each other and start blaming the viscously competitive professional lobbying that has been corrupting our system of government with its often competing interests. There is no reason that we can't have a very free and competitive market place and still set aside some dough, as a people, for more than just roads, bridges, defense and law enforcement. We are a better people than that. We are a richer people than that. But, we will never reach any goals as a people until we have unfiltered access to our government on a equal footing with each other.

    The enemy is not the left and the enemy is not the right. You are not as far apart as you are being made to believe. The enemy is corruption and corrupt people. Both are actually not that difficult to perceive, especially if you are willing to look behind both the blue doors and the red doors.

    Only if we insist on making corruption and professional lobbying a major issue in this campaign can we hold those elected on both sides of the aisle to stop corruption.

    I am going to vote for the republican, democrat, independent, etc people who I believe will do the most to end professional lobbying.


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