The Truth About the Bank Bail Out

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    The banking system is the oil and lubricant of our economic system. Many of the larger institutions are in serious trouble and have already received bail out funding, e.g., Citi.

    The present Treasury risk outlook implies that banks as a group are over-valuing their assets by 63% and that Treasury sees possibly having to spend up to $8.8 on the bail out, not what you are hearing.

    Currently only a small portion of the $8.8 is funded. Money is being printed to support the bail out as it progresses. No one really knows how far this will go or what the true value of bank assets will finally be.

    If we keep going down this path and, worse, add more structural debt, there is no way for America to avoid an unsustainable financial and probably economic situation.

    How we are handling the bank situation and the misguided plan to add out-year social deficit spending, both need to be completely revisited.

    Content: What The Banks Think the Eventual Value of Their Assets Will Be, What the Treasury Thinks the Value of Bank Assets Will Be, What Does This Mean

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