The true meaning of "No Child Left Behind"

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    Heroism In Newtown

    Patti Stamper, Windsor, on 2012-12-15

    Out of the tragic news from Newtown comes stories of terrific heroism -- the principal who met the killer in the office; the person who turned on the loudspeaker so that the school could hear what was going on, warning people to get into hiding; the custodian running down the halls saying that there was a shooter in the building and to get under cover; and every single teacher who locked their doors and hid their students -- in closets, bathrooms, under desks, and in the corners of their rooms -- and then placed themselves between life and death to protect their kids.

    Make no mistake, everyone of these people expected to die, and yet their first priority, indeed, their only priority, was to protect their students. Not one of them ran off and left their kids, not one of them did this because of it was in their contracts, because they had to get their kids to pass standardized tests, or because of union agreements.

    We go into this profession not for the money or the glory, we go into it for the love of learning, for the love of teaching, and for the love of children. And understand this, too: Every single teacher in America would do the same thing. That is the true meaning of "No Child Left Behind."

    Hartford Courant

    The writer is a teacher at Timothy Edwards Middle School in South Windsor.

    In everybody's life if you picked five people who had the biggest influence on you, outside of your family, almost everyone would have a teacher or a coach on that list.
    Tom Verducci
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