The TRUE cost of illegal immigrants

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    For those left-wing nuts who actually believe enforcing the law is "evil" and that it would be "too costly" to actually enforce it, I just wanted to provide some actual FACTS (I know, I know.... you guys reject facts). But hell, maybe an independent will learn something:

    A judge has ruled that an illegal immigrant charged in a triple murder last year is incompetent to stand trial.

    Thirty-9-year-old Jose Oswaldo Reyes Alfaro faces a possible death penalty for the slayings of his friend Julio Cesar Ulloa, his former girlfriend Brenda Ashcraft and her son William Ashcraft in Manassas in February 2011.

    Reyes Alfaro is also accused of attacking 77-year-old woman with a machete. She survived.

    Triple murder suspect ruled incompetent for trial - - Richmond, VA News, Weather, Traffic & Sports

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