The Triangle Decile: Perfect Casino Prayer

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    This fortune-imagination tale was inspired by the iconic films The Thief of Bagdad and Indecent Proposal and my love of the TV series Amazing Stories.

    I wrote it to cheer myself up about TrumpUSA...


    Theo was a time-traveller who slipped into a vortex while flying over the Bermuda Triangle during the great war. Apparently, an electromagnetic disturbance near the enigmatic Triangle sent Theo hurling into the future, and his plane came down on Los Angeles in the year 2015. Theo got out of the plane and started exploring 'modern America.' Casino-magnate Donald Trump was contemplating a life in politics, and Facebook (the globally-popular social networking website) was the new Hallmark. Theo started watching modern Hollywood films such as Maniac Cop, Saving Private Ryan, and Minority Report.


    While exploring Las Vegas, Theo met a hustler and drug-magnate named Oscar who kept at his side a ruthless and alluring African-American woman named Grace. Oscar and Grace were the 'toast' of Caesar's Palace, and Theo quickly discovered they were modern-age 'diplomats' of traffic-profiteerism. Oscar and Grace had hustled a young idealistic American couple named Teddy and Rose who were in Vegas to win money to buy a dream-house. Now, Teddy and Rose were in Oscar and Grace's proverbial pocket and were just about desperate enough to make a deal with the Devil.


    Theo approached Teddy and Rose while they were drinking away their woes at the casino bar. He explained to the distressed newlyweds that he had a plan to get them out of their jam with Oscar and Grace. Theo would tell Oscar that he was a card-shark and could use his skills to win enough money for him to 'buy' Teddy and Rose out of their terrible wager-pit with him. Oscar agreed, and Theo hit the casino floor and won $300,000 in just one weekend (using his newfound time-travel gained psychic-gambling ability). Theo paid Oscar, and Teddy and Rose were freed! Theo decided to hop back in his plane and fly through the Bermuda Triangle again, and, lo and behold, he ended up back in his own time and found himself caught in an air-dogfight which saw his plane shot and descend. As Theo's plane crashed down, Theo thought to himself, "Fate is a sculpture!"



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