The Tip of the Iceberg – Medical Bankruptcy

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    More and more people these days in our great nation are going bankrupt due to medical bills. Chicago bankruptcy is at an all time high.

    You might well have a job and even have medical insurance, but found yourself in a situation where you have a severe injury or illness and the bills just got right out of hand. Chicago bankruptcy is not such a far-fetched scenario either. The cost of medical care these days would make anyone think twice about seeking out medical assistance. The reality though is that people have to get medical help when they need it. The nightmare starts when the bills arrive.

    Think this talk about Chicago bankruptcy and similar scenarios nationwide might be off the wall and not in the least bit true? Consider this then. Being ill and dealing with high medical bills was directly linked to roughly 62% of all personal bankruptcies in 2007 alone.

    Two years later, the numbers have changed, but they certainly have not gone down. In fact, if you do some rough figuring, based on how many current bankruptcies there are now, medical bankruptcies may touch the lives close to 2.3 million Americans or one person every 15 seconds. Chilling thought, isn’t it? Chicago bankruptcy may be just around the corner.

    Here is another statistic that will disturb you as well, considering we were mentioning that medical bankruptcies happened to people who had a job and health insurance. Most of the medical bankruptcies were smack dab in the middle class before the bills hit. Many were college graduates and/or had previously owned a home or two.

    The scariest figures are the ones showing prior to a serious illness that led to bankruptcy, close to 78% had health insurance, and 60% had private insurance. Many had health coverage at the time they were forced to declare bankruptcy.

    It should come as no surprise that if people are forced into choosing Chicago bankruptcy due to medical bills, then they also face a very real risk of losing their home. No home in some cases means homelessness. Not too much of a stretch to get there these days either.

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