The thing that Obama supporters don't understand

Discussion in 'Tea Party' started by Firehorse, Feb 6, 2012.

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    Its isn't about the other candidates flaws as it has been in the past because dispite whoever the nominee is, he will be closer to my personal views on every consevable subject then Obama is.

    Examples ....

    Although Mitt is a Mormon, the mormons have similar stands on issues such has gay marriage, abortion and religios freedoms, where as Obama has declared war on religion and Christians in particular.

    Although Mitt may be a vulture capitalist, he, unlike Obama, actually believes in a capitalist system and isn't doing everything in his power to kill it

    Although Mitt may be a big government guy, I find it hard to see ANYONE growing the government at the same rate that Obama has.

    Although Mitt did pass healthcare in Mass. He at least says that Obamacare needs to be overturned because the people simply don't want it. Obama actually is pushing the abomination through as fast as he can

    Although Mitt may not have ever read the Constitution in his life, he isn't tearing it to shreds like Obama is.

    On every issue .... The republican candidate is better then Obama (I used Mitt as example because he is from runner)

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