The Stimulus That Obama won't support...nt Crime....

Discussion in 'Economy' started by AmericasBrave58, Jan 24, 2010.

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    The Stimulus That Obama Won’t Support: Legalizing Prostitution, Drugs, Gambling, Nonviolent Crime - Swampland -

    I feel like i want to faint and fall over dead with Shock!!!:lol: This is one time, that i will totally agree with Obama, and why he is not supporting this type of crap!!!!.YEAH!!!RIGHT ON!!! This type of crap will encourage a lot of criminal activites, that would be of bad works to good folks of this country, and it would also be a temptation to relationship problems, in my eyes. I could think of a lot more important ways to improve our economy, than selling your butt on a street corner and getting god only knows what illness in the process.All these things that folks want to see become legal are a crutch to societies already criminal activities.Don't sign anything Obama, that would cause such harm in this country. I do not like the idea and i think that there are others out there who would agree .

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