The Sovereignty of Truth

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    Truth is a wonderful gift. It is our guide, our teacher, and our protector. Abandoning truth is like abandoning the rudder of your ship before you set sail on the high seas. While the winds may carry you, you'll have no control over where you end up. Such is the case for why political correctness must come to an end.

    While the rudder of truth has been dismantled by our leadership in the name of tolerance, America is drifting further and further off course. After hearing of our President's decision to receive 100,000 Syrian refugees without any possible way of eliminating ISIS from those not with ISIS, political correctness just might be the end of us yet.

    Truth and political correctness cannot both lead the way. It must be one or the other.

    When a political candidate running for the highest office in the land cannot utter two words to identify the enemy, we know their will to fight that enemy is weak. When our enemies perceive that we have not the will to confront them, they believe their strategy of intimidation is working.

    Intimidation is one of the tools that the politically correct use in order to silence the truth. Someone once told me that the truth generally goes through three stages when challenged. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently fought against. And third? It becomes self-evident. Truth is well able to prevail against all of its enemies. By its very nature it will be revealed eventually, albeit too late for some to benefit from.

    The truth is sovereign. It shall outlive us all.

    To condemn the truth without examining it first, is utter foolishness. Americans are not afraid of widows and orphans, Mr. President. Americans are concerned about the safety of America. When can we expect you to join us? The photographs, stories, and latest terror attack in France are reason enough to give any red blooded American cause for serious concern.

    ISIS has made no qualms of telling the world that they are entering our countries among the refugees and that their intention is to do us great harm. Only a fool would turn a basket full of poisonous snakes loose in his own house before shutting out the lights to go to bed.

    The plan to take in 100,000 refugees intermingled with members of ISIS (poisonous serpents), is no less foolish.

    Saudi Arabia and the Arab States are refusing to accept the Syrian refugees. What do they know that we don't? The UN pressures the West to accept refugees while avoiding that question.

    It never fails that the politically correct crowd will use the Word of God when the need arises.

    What would Jesus do? Jesus would remind you that ye shall know them by their fruits. The fruit of Islam is to conquer and dominate any nation where Sharia law has not yet been enforced. Islam is at conflict with our own Constitution. Why would we invite a people whose goal is to overthrow our government and our way of life in order to replace it with their own?

    America is worth fighting for. Let us return to the truth and put an end to this politically correct madness. It's killing us. It is the truth that shall set men free. Not political correctness and most definitely not the UN's “International disorder” they are imposing upon the world. It's time to speak the truth and the truth begins where political correctness ends.

    Long live the sovereignty of Truth!
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    sw mizzouri
    Many times it is best not to give the enemy what it wants...
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    Winston Churchill was a...

    ...a fucking WAR PIG!

    Just like Hitler, FDR, Truman,Tojo, Stalin, Mussolini etc....
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