The secret sauce behind bloated state pensions

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    The secret sauce behind bloated state pensions - The Red Tape Chronicles -
    Posted: Tuesday, November 16 2010 at 06:00 am CT by Bob Sullivan

    As reported by the Trentonian newspaper, Professor Michael Glass of Mercer County Community College was discussing pension “double dipping” with students in February and brought up “retired” Mercer County Sherriff Kevin Larkin’s dual-income status as an example. Larkin filed the paperwork to officially retire in 2009 and began collecting his $85,000 pension. But he never stopped working, instead using a well-known loophole to keep earning his full-time salary of $129,000 on top of his pension.

    A student who knew Larkin texted the sheriff, who drove to the campus, knocked on the classroom door and asked to speak with Glass in the hallway. A few minutes later, with Larkin at his side, Glass returned to the class and apologized.

    Read the rest. It's enough to make a liberal choke in shock and awe at how far this crap has gone.

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